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Interview de Latif par ArcadiaFighters

by Bachaka

Nos collègues de Arcadiafighters ont réalisé dernièrement une interview de Razer.Latif. Disponible en espagnol sur leur site, ils ont eu l’amabilité de nous autoriser à publier l’interview en anglais sur Hitcombo.net. Pour la consulter, c’est à l’adresse ci-dessous !

AF— As usual in our interviews, we would like to know a little more about yourself: do you study or work? What are your hobbies? What music do you like?

L— My name is Abdulatif aka Latif. I was born and raised in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, I’m here in the US on a student visa, I got a scholarship to continue my education in the United States after doing well in my senior year in high school. I am currently studying at University of Arizona majoring in Finance!!
I enjoy spending my time hanging out with friends and playing soccer as a hobby but I haven’t been doing it much since school has been getting tough >:( and of course playing Street Fighter.
I also like to listen to any type of music except for metal!

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Whinette 28 décembre 2011 - 13 h 13 min

Très sympa de leur part. =)


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