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Interview de Professeur Jones par grandmasterchallenge.com

by Bachaka

Le site http://www.grandmasterchallenge.com est une site dédidé à Super Street Fighter II X. Une interview de Professeur Jones, sommité de la communauté 2X europénne a été publiée sur leur site il y a quelques jours. Prof. Jones a également été un joueur de Street Fighter 4 Vanilla, il avait notamment assuré le rôle capitaine lors d’un 25vs25 organisé il y a un an et demi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMK-c8cz2zo&t=4m16s.

Ci-dessous un extrait de l’interview qui est consultable dans son intégralité à cette adresse http://www.grandmasterchallenge.com/prof-jones/. Aussi, un article sur son séjour au Japon dans lequel il évoque sa participation au Tougeki 2008 est disponible ici http://www.grandmasterchallenge.com/prof-jones-st-report-from-his-trip-to-japan-2008/.

GMC: Is there any advice you wish you’d have been given when you were new to competition?

Prof.Jones: I wish I learned to play in Japan. The reason I’m saying this is that during my 2008 trip to Tokyo, I saw that the top players were really willing to help others, and I realized how valuable this is. Taira told me that he was taught by Yuu Vega, and AFO told me that Komoda was his sensei. Just imagine learning the game in these conditions. If you have a question, you have someone who can pass the knowledge gained through years of experience, in the highest level of competition possible. I also remember that after a ranking battle at Ooyama Newton, I was fortunate enough to have a French friend fluent in Japanese with me, which made conversation possible with Taira, who happened to be there. I did a series of matches against Yoshio (the guile player) with Taira at my side, giving me advice. And I did really well, because he immediately pointed at the mistakes I was doing. One funny advice he gave me is to counter sonic booms on reaction, waiting to see guile’s arms spread and then pressing roundhouse. He wasn’t kidding and for him it seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do ! I certainly wish I could do that but I’m not even close lol.

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