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[UMVC3] 10 Petits Changements Importants

by kurama_tengu

Capcom Unity vient de réaliser une traduction du dernier dev-blog de Capcom sur Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, ce dernier met en avant les 10 changements critiques du gameplay du jeu.
Là encore je vais laisser le texte en anglais pour le moment (j’ai dormi 5h alors que j’en dors habituellement entre 9 et 12), je ferais une traduction un peu plus tard, pas d’inquiétude ^^.

1 – X-Factor can be activated in the air.

2 – The attack and speed increases for each character while in X-Factor have been adjusted. Additionally, the damage reduction minimum while in X-Factor has been decreased from 50% in MvC3 to 35% in UMvC3, and Hyper Combos performed during X-Factor will now be subject to damage scaling.

3 – An upward exchange during an Air Combo will take away 1 bar of your opponent’s HC Gauge.

4 – When you launch the enemy in the air with a Special Attack, hold the button down and your character will automatically super jump to follow the launched opponent. (This can be turned on or off in the Options menu.)

5 – The window for Aerial Exchange Counters has been adjusted, making it easier to land one.

6 – If you land a Snap Back attack on an assist character, similar to the landing it on the point character, the assist will become unavailable for a short period of time.

7 – It will no longer be possible to block during an air dash.

8 – The rate of HC Meter gain has been decreased by 10%, to 90% of what it was in MvC3.

9 – In MvC3, the amount of hit stun caused by assists was fixed, but in UMvC3 hit stun caused by assists will also be subject to hit stun deterioration during combos.

10 – For characters who have 8-way dashes, the speed on their down-back air dash has been slightly decreased.



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